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Platinum Fireworks specialise in a completely bespoke and personal service for each and every wedding display we provide. Every display we produce varies depending on YOUR requirements and YOUR wedding day. No matter the budget this bespoke service applies to all of our packages.

Length, Colour, Sound, Light, Special Effects – Everything is customisable and YOU can help build your perfect display for your day.

We offer a wide range of packages to suit any budget and are able to tailor our displays to meet your requirements we provide displays that will delight and amaze.


Starting from just £595, our displays represent excellent value for money without compromising on quality.


Building your display around your timescales & requirements. Short displays provide intense and exciting visual stimulation whilst longer aerial displays feature romantic crescendos with awe-inspiring finales.


Do you have a favourite colour? With a wide ranging pyrotechnic palette at our disposal and the sky as our canvass we can closely match many logos and themes

Special Effects

Finely tune your display with our extensive range of special effects that will charm and delight including: Aerial Hearts, Aerial Strobes, Cascading Horsetails, Personalised Fire Writing & many more…


Our displays are tailored to your venue, ensuring that everyone is considered.   Allow your personality to shine through with roaring cacophony or gentle low-noise sequences.


Using state of the art lasers will add that exrta bit of drama, adding light, colour and texture to give that extra WOW factor!


Have a look at some of our packages we have created for you, each package is fully customisable to suit your day including choice of all of the Build Your Own Display categories above. Have a look at a selection of our videos below but please also visit our YouTube and Vimeo channels for a much wider selection of shows we have provided all over the country. If you see some effects in any of our videos that you would like in your display just let us know.

JOY | £595 | 3-5 Minutes | 1-2 Sites

A playful display that dances & enlightens the happy energy of your event. Using fireworks which bounce & play with a teasing array of colours & sound. This fast paced collection leaves you feeling energised and ready to party.

£595 Joy Package

£595 LOW Noise Joy Package

Dazzle | £795 | 4-6 Minutes | 2-3 Sites

A bright arrangement of sparkling & cascading fireworks with varying levels sound. A hypnotizing collection that shimmers and gleams, offering complete opulence to any occasion.

£795 Dazzle Package

£795 LOW Noise Dazzle Package

£795 Dazzle Package

Enchant | £995 | 5-6 Minutes | 3-4 Sites

A bewitching compilation of mesmerising fireworks. Presented in a wave of fast & slow paced sound & colour to leave you wanting more, finishing with a dramatic finale to enrapture your audience.

£995 Musical Enchant Package

£995 LOW Noise Musical Enchant

£995 Musical Enchant Package

Wonder | £1495 | 7-8 Minutes | 4-5 Sites

Be captivated by this luxurious display. Enveloped by a sea of colour & spectacle. This display offers a slow paced set that tells a story to climax in a spectacular crescendo to enthrall your audience

£1495 Musical Enchant Package

£1495 LOW Noise Musical Enchant

Amaze | £1995 | 8-10 Minutes | 5-7 Sites

Our Premium package that will be seen and heard for many miles. A truly remarkable display of sky filling effects that will be the ultimate finale to your special day – Amaze!

£1995 Musical Amaze Package

Noise Sensitive Venue?



How it Works

Platinum Fireworks make the booking process as simple as possible. Get in touch now to discuss your show requirements now.


Get in touch with us via email, our booking form, phone or social media. We are available 24 hours a day to help you with your booking. If you would like the option to discuss your booking requirements in more detail one of our design team can come and visit you to go through your options in more detail.


This is when the fun begins, Platinum Fireworks encourages its customers to be involved with the planning stage as much as they would like.Again we can come and visit you at a venue of your choosing, possible the venue itself to help try and visualise how your display will look. Watch out extensive video collection of numerous effects which all help to make your display as unique as possible


After the planning and requirements capture is complete, your show designer will start working on the display using start of the art computer software. Although we like the customer to be involved in the requirements stage, we also like to hold some surprises back for your special day 🙂


Wedding Day! Platinum Fireworks will stay in communication with the venue and/or a member of the bridal party, generally the best man or a parent. We will arrive on site well before your planned display time and setup will be as discreet as possible if you decide to keep the display a surprise from your guests. Platinum take care of the rest, and when the show is ready to fire we have some further surprises before the show begins.